Friday, 11 January 2013


Hello guys,how are you all doing?
Amsterdam based, Ikku, introduces their line of Macbook and Ipad cases, designed and developed based on being future friendly.
    The classic cases are largely made with recylcled or organic denim feature, an organic cotton, woven inner label and leather detailing before being secured by double metal YKK zippers. Designed to be durable in construction and lightweight for the user; these cases also offer protective shock resistance with the internal foam layer, just to name some of it's extra features.
    Available in a variety of colours, cloudy grey, indigo blue, deep blue. Using a macbook or ipad case made from denim not bad at all.
Anyways, the macbook case cost $90 while the ipad case goes for $100.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Bryan Bowie’s Tipton & Co. makes leather products and what caught my eye was his leather camera strap. Made with a single piece of heavyweight wax and oiled English bridled leather, they are all about toughness and durability. The edges are coated in black and lightly burnished to ensure comfort when wearing it around your neck. Choose from 28 or 34-inch lengths as well as finished or unfinished edges with a split ring lug. Made in the U.S.A. Now available online.
    I'm sure leather products like this are also made in Nigeria, but I havent seen any. I'll keep my eyes open and let you guys know asap and in case anyone knows, just contact me and I'll blog about it.
Leather straps like these could be used to enhance vintage dressing for camera owners, you know. SEE MORE INTRIGUING PICTURES......


Hello guys, hope y'll had a nice day? Anyways, I got these pictures from ONB website, so I thought I should let y'll see what Trine Lindegaard's label has got for her spring summer 2013 mens collection.
   First and foremost, I love the fact that the collection is so african-inspired, you will understand that more when you see more pictures. Trine Lindegaard is a danish fashion designer that resides in London, I guess.
The collection in my opinion, is obviously contrived to charm because of the colourful vibrant choice of fabric with simple but unique designs on 'em and patterns. However, I might not be able to wear some of the clothes....don't get it twisted here, just follow me........more pictures!!!!!!
 This is GAY mahn!!!!!! HaHan

 I love these ones.....really nice and simple

 I'm so not gonna wear this......they are freaking gay, Kanye wore something like these in 'Niggaz in Paris' tho, not insinuating anything tho,at least he got Kim pregnant!!! Just saying!!!!!!!Looooooool

Sunday, 30 December 2012


The great GQ delivers a year-end list featuring the 25 most stylish men of 2012 doing their thing. Even the great Archer character gets a nods for looking good. “Whether it was athletes stepping up their game off the field (Russell Westbroook), rappers retiring from excess everything (Frank Ocean), or actors actually giving a shit, this year was a great one for men’s style.”
Full list below.

GQ Names Most Stylish Men of 2012
1. Daniel Craig
2. Zach Efron
3. Ewan McGregor
4. David Beckham
5. Rob Pattinson
6. Bruno Mars
7. Joseph Gordon Levitt
8. Tyson Chandler
9. Justin Theroux
10. Nick Jonas
11. Matt Bomer
12. Dwyane Wade
13. Matt Lauer
14. Armie Hammer
15. Jay-Z
16, Andy Cohen
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Andrew Garfield
19. Yasiin Bey
20. Adam Levine
21. A$AP Rocky
22. Archer
23. Wes Anderson
24. Russell Westbrook
25. Frank Ocean
Drop your comments on this list though 'cos personally some people shouldnt be in this list.............JAY Z c'mon GQ!!!!!


Everybody, or lemme say most people now wear  denim clothes.......jackets,shirts and all. I discoverd people just clad in blue denim clothes including me and i found out it's actually turning into a stereotype. That's bad I believe.
Thinking outside the box, i decided to post something on black denim. There should be a turn around 2013 people,


An X-Large selection of goods from Louis Vuitton for this Pre-Fall 2013 Collection. Silk print shirts, fur hood parkas, quilted bomber jackets, Charlie Brown Zig-Zag knitwear and plenty of 70s tinged suits to keep you smart. See more pictures below, who knows you might decide to start dressing like these come 2013.
 I love this shirt and in fact I'm sure there's no dispute it's really stylish. I would personally prefer to button the shirt up,so I'll pose more like a stylish dapper geek with white lens glasses......just saying ,my STYLE
 I love the bag, I've always loved bags like this and that's why I got myself one today (coffee brown-colour)....ready to rock 'em soonest.

 Me love double-breasted jacket anytime anyday

This last picture is my favorite.....****.......a very nice patterned sweater, army green trousers and some dope, bad-ass boots.  #STYLE#
Please dont look at this pictures for fun people......get insight on how to improve what you wear everyday, everytime, and also how you combine what you wear, you dont actuaaly have to knoe fashion too well to be 'a dapper dude or lady', it just takes little creativity.just saying
Have fun people.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


With the holidays approaching it’s the perfect time to throw on a cozy sweater. For your pleasure here are famous sweaters in the form of illustrations. Use them as inspiration for your next christmas party or holiday outing. So you wanna go shopping for sweaters anytime soon, use these as a guide....more pics below....

 This my the simple round neck design especially african patterns on it.....


Hello guys,guess you'll had a good day? kkk, I was kinda bored today, so to make use of my time, I decided to style myself up with what I've got at home. This was what i did basically......I went to grandma's wardrobe, got a kampala material.....about 2 yards so I went straight to a tailor friend of mine to sow a trouser (a legging) for myself (I can sow,not perfect though but still learning). Got that done!
To spice up the idea of the oufit I brought out this big shirt from my wardrobe even though I have been avoiding the shirt for years, I then wore my vintage shoes with the oufit, topped it up with an Awolowo glasses, had the gold wristwatch since secondary school ......Enough of the talking, check out the pics, poor photography though but, no big deal, was just playing around even though the inspiration was vintage......loooooooool.
 In essence, it's not actually difficult to know or decide what to wear, just creative.
Stylist: Moi
Photographer: The gate-man in my house......loooooool. More pics below


When modern design began to creep into the world of headphone construction, the audio quality and output of the headphones, at times, was sidelined in favor of exterior look. While this is fine for many, we simply refuse to forfeit sound for beauty. Collaborative headphones rarely provide both sound and design in a balanced manner, but exceptions do exist.
Take this collaborative headphone project by Brooklyn’s GRADO Labs and the luxury house Dolce & Gabbana, the DS2012. Based on the GRADO Reference Series, the DS2012 headphones sit well in the reference audio category. The use of mahogany wood on the cups provides a unique sound signature that will appeal to almost anyone. The open-air” technology on the DS2012 allows for clearer sound reproduction for both the high and low frequency bands.
Most important: Dolce & Gabbana stay committed to quality by aligning themselves with GRADO Labs. We tip our hat to them for refusing to compromise on sound.
If the DS2012 is more than your wallet can handle, we recommend the GRADO SR80 headphones. Their $99 price tag makes them one of the best entry level headphones on the market today.


Hello people,how y'all doing ? TrendWheel brings you the spring/summer collection of old religion. The owner/founder of old religion- Buchi Okoro is a very talented, intelligent fashion designer. I love the fact that he is not just doing fashion 'cos every other person is doing it, he's got a vision/mision statement for his line,he knows what he wants!!!
He's designs are usually very unique and the quality of his fabrics!? Impeccable!
I'm happy to be one of his friends though, I'm not famzing o,lol; he attends my school and we are close to an extent. I recently got a blazer for myself though, I wore it for my departmental dinner and it was very nice.....
His Buchi Okoro on twitter @oldreligionboss and make orders!!! He only makes mens wear and he's price is very affordable, trust me.Old religion even recently made trendwheel t-shirts,will show pictures later.......See more pics below

Monday, 1 October 2012


Hello, DAMI is a mobile, online boutique that basically trades fashion accessories of which most of these items are made with ankara and leather (more of ankara though....depending on the design). They've got bags, bangles, jotters, shoes (heels), slippers, ear-rings, denim-ankara jackets and so on....Be sure you will be sold quality and durable products at affordable prices See some pictures below
'We cherish the African culture and that's basically why most of the products we produce/ sell are made of ankara amongst other things'; the owner said. He also stated that it's no news that the fashion world has really embraced african prints and that's the reason most fashion designers now use them.....
For any new releases/collection from DAMI? You can always check this blog and also you can order here online and we'll see how it gets to you. See CONTACT tab on the blog to place your orders.........especially for Covenant university students and you can always call this number.....08035293399 for more enquiries. More pics? Click here


Hello guys, Happy Independence day Nigeria!!! I dont know what y'all will be doing to celebrate today,(you could send me a tweet @dammie1904,email or just comment on this post on how ur day went down by the end of today) but I might be going for a lecture/parley here in school and it's going to be boring!!! Trust me, this is not the first time and considering the fact that I'm now in 300L I know what the lecture is going to be about.
If you gonna be going out to have fun make sure you dress to kill, that's kinda my motto; even though you dress simple make sure it's superb and intimidating. That's why this blog is here PEOPLE!!! WHEEL A TREND, SET A PACE with what and how you dress. Pray for NIGERIA and let's be good and please don't slander this country..... That's that about that.
      Yesterday;Sunday was a great day for me mainly because apart from the fact that I made alot of friends, it was a freestyle sunday as regards fashion/dressing for students of Covenant University. This is because every last sunday of the month, students can actually clad in any traditional wear of their choice. The most interesting part of this is that people actually dress in thier local or lemme say native attires with respect to various tribes, culture...
         Anyways, I had lots of fun taking pictures and meeting new people even though we are in the same school.......c'mon C.U. is big. See pictures below....but please I used by ipad to take the pictures/blog so do not mind the edit tags on the pics.thanks.

This is some Bayelsa s**t ryt there, correct me if I'm wrong or is it Tiv? See another one below

Black killer heels+ankara skirt......on point

This is Bevly....her height was intimidating at first when I saw her but C'mon I'm also kinda Aside that, this is phenomenal !!!

See this guy here, simple & unique embroidery.Check out this next picture, this guy is the embroidery king!!!

I guess y'all see the front and back detail.

My favorite.....see pic. This is lovely!!!

Then the typical yoruba boy.....